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Vacuum kiln drying in the West Central Wisconsin

Fastest turn around.

      Most species can be done in 1-2 weeks depending on thickness.​  Compare that to years of air drying or months in a conventional kiln.

Less degrade.

     Our wood is dried while under the weight of plates and other wood this allows the wood very little room to warp, and twist while drying, unlike most drying methods that use stickers between layers for air flow, allowing the wood to move.  

Brighter colors.  less fading of light woods.

      Because of no oxygen inside the chamber of our vacuum kiln, wood comes out with brighter "natural" colors than other methods. 

Kills all pests.

      Being under vacuum kills all molds and insects that could live in the wood for years with other methods.​

Stronger wood.

     Drying is done by "boiling" the water out of the wood's cells.   Water boils at a much lower temperature when under vacuum.   Must species are never above 150 degrees, causing less damage to the wood fibers than high heat kilns.

 We are able to dry approx. 3000 bdft of lumber  48' wide x  16'-10" long,  at one time.